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Every gallon of gasoline we burn generates 19 pounds of toxic, CO2 waste.

Every mile we bike burns about 45 calories, over 500 calories an hour. We should drive less and bike more. But cars are addictive and cycling seems complicated and dangerous. That’s why when most people choose how to get from here to there, the car wins. One Short Rides wants to change that. We want to re-acquaint people with their bicycles. To take the cost and fear out of riding. To encourage people to take just one short ride; to the coffee shop, the grocery store, the gym, the library or even a meeting. Because if they take just one ride they might take another. And that’s how big change happens – One Short Ride at a time.

There are two different forms of transportation in the world today: toxic and non-toxic.

Toxic transportation is anything powered by fossil-fuels: planes, trains, automobiles and the like. Non-toxic modes of mobility rely on natural power sources: geothermal, solar, wind and humans. Like most things in life that are simple, easy and fun, toxic travel is addictive. But it wreaks havoc on our planet and the humans who inhabit it. In spite of that, we still love our boats, planes and cars. Cars our part of our DNA; we are always looking for something newer, bigger, faster and shinier. But that’s killing us.

We don’t expect that to change quickly, big change is hard and it happens in small steps. That’s what One Short Ride is all about: small steps and short rides. We’re encouraging people who haven’t ridden a bike for years to take One Short Ride – and to make it a ride with a purpose. Jump on that beat-up old Schwinn you have in the garage and ride it to the store. You might like it; you might like it so much that you do it again. And maybe it’ll change you just a little. If enough people do that, we might see real change. A change where taking the car is the exception and not the rule.

Take One Short Ride. Let’s make gasoline the alternate fuel for the next generation.